• U.S. Wushu Center
    Portland's premier Wushu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong training center offers you, your friends and your family professional quality instruction under the guidance of internationally recognized world champions Master Shàowén Yù and Master Gāo, Jiāmĭn.
  • After School Programs
    Our After School and Summer School educational programs provide your children with a secure and structured opportunity to learn new skills, finish their homework, benefit from Wushu instruction, and have fun with their friends while you finish your work day.
  • Language & Arts Center
    In addition to both adult and children's classes in the Mandarin Chinese language, the Qian Kun Institute offers you the opportunity to experience a wide range of classical Chinese culture through the study of calligraphy, music, painting and more.
  • Pearl Court Activity Center
    Whether you need a place to play, practice or have a party, the Pearl Court Activity Center is a versatile athletic and multi-use space located on the edge of Portland's Pearl District.
In the Chinese language, qián kūn speaks to the universal... yin and yang; the day and the night. And that is precisely what the Qián Kūn Institute aims to provide -- a universal view of Chinese culture. We strive to offer both an introduction to various cultural elements and a path to a deeper understanding. We invite you to learn more about the programs, classes and events offered at Portland's Qián Kūn Institute.

Welcome to the Qián Kūn Institute (pronounced chee-en kwen). Our institute was founded to provide the people of Portland and its surrounding communities with an introduction to the depth and wealth of Chinese culture.

When former Wushu and Tai Chi world champions Master Shàowén Yù and Master Gāo, Jiāmĭn moved to Portland and put down roots, their goal was to create a world-class Wushu and Tai Chi training center. The result is the U.S. Wushu Center, which has grown to become the premier Chinese martial arts center in the Northwestern U.S.

As time passed and their family grew, Shàowén and Jiāmĭn expanded their vision to include other elements of the Chinese culture they grew up with. This dream led the the creation of the Qián Kūn Institute, where traditional Chinese culture and language could be taught to U.S. students, including their own children.

At its current location in Northwest Portland, the Qián Kūn Institute provides high quality classrooms, athletic facilities, and event space. We look forward to sharing our programs with you and participating with other Portland area Chinese cultural organizations.

Hours of Operation:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 3pm – 8pm

Tuesday/Thursday: 10am – 8pm

Saturday: 8am – 3pm

Sunday: Closed